Baja Manly Man Expedition 2006

The first half of the 8 days of Baja are finally here. I think you’ll agree it was worth the wait!

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14 Responses to “Baja Manly Man Expedition 2006”

  1. Matt Western says:

    Excellent video Rob. I especially liked the recovery of the rolled 4Runner. Keep up the great work.

  2. RJ says:

    Sweet! Something to watch on the train tomorrow!

  3. andy says:

    Awesome! I especially like adventure 4wheeling just like that. Cant wait for the second half! Really cool.

  4. RJ says:

    I tell you what, I didn’t expect that 4 Runner to roll. I was sitting on the train and all of a sudden a “NO WAY!” slipped out of my mouth. Good stuff guys.

  5. Brandon Chappell says:

    What about the 2nd half of the 8 days?
    Where you going to be next?

  6. Matt Western says:

    Yeah Rob, when are the rest of the other 8 days gonna show up?

    That hole must have been deeper than it apeared on the vid, plus that ol 4 Runner looked a little top heavy.

  7. RJ says:


  8. andy says:

    im ready for the second half! been waiting all summer for this one video!

  9. Matt Western says:

    I’m weakening, where’s the next installment of the Baja gig? C’mon Rob, I’ve knocked up a couple of new web sites and an online radio station since the last installment.

    C’mon mate, it’s moving onto summer down here and I need some inspiration!

  10. Brandon Chappell says:

    Anybody home?

    Guess not cause no second half :)

  11. RJ says:

    Hmmm, must be fixing all your broken Yota’s! ;-)

  12. Brandon Chappell says:

    “Hmmm, must be fixing all your broken Yota’s!”

    Cold as Ice.
    But he’s just waiting for the Heeps to catch up! :)

  13. RJ says:

    Well I’ve had time to sell my Jeep and buy a 4Runner since your last post!

  14. Brandon Chappell says:

    Way to go RJ. Welcome to the club.