toyota extreme trail rigs rockcrawling

Day 1 ----------San Diego to Hacienda Santa Veronica---  Had to shorten driveline (Jerry),   Waterpump went bad (Jerry)   Tore front brake line from backing plate (Greg Morris)   Bent rear leaf springs (Nick)    Front axle not engaging (George Powell)                         
Day 2------------destination Mikes Sky Rancho---  Lost all his clothes, duffel (Brian)   Locked keys inside truck (Greg Morris,Joe)    Loose wheel studs (Nick)    Backed into Woody's bumper (Nick)   Broken shock(Greg Morris)  Broke both rear shocks(George Montegue)   Left chair on the side of road(Rob)   Muffler noise intensified(Dick)   Squished rear bump stops(Rick)            
Day 3-------------dest. Meling ranch---  Bad locking hub(Steve)   Lost motor mount bolts(Rob)   No fuel to engine(Nick)   Rollover(Nick)   Broke air locker hose fitting(Rob)   Worn out power steering pump and lost woodruff key(Steve)            
Day 4-------------------6 rigs turned back, 10 rigs left to continue. dest.Mission Santa Maria---  Garman GPS mal-function(Woody)            
Day 5-----------------dest. Punta Lobos---  Saw a YONEE(Vaughn,Kyle)   Bad fuel(Everyone)   Loose antenna(Rob)   Leaking knuckle seal(Travis)   Loose u-bolts,broken spring center pin,cut fuel hose(Woody)    Slightly bent stabilizer bracket(Dick)   CB radio failed(George Powell)             
Day 6-----------------dest.Gonzaga Bay---  Leaking tire(Rob)   Bad gas again(Woody)   Drove over shoulder of road(Woody)   Latch on ice chest broke(George Powell)   Lost a d-ring(Vaughn)    8 rigs left to continue         
Day 7 ---------------dest.San Felepe---  Broke sway bar(Vaughn)   Lost a d-ring(Rick)   Tire carrier came loose(Downer)   Broken tailpipe bracket(Rick)   Broken bump stop(Downer) Broken shock mount(Vadder)    Broke sunglasses(John)        
Day 8----------------dest. Mexacalli, USA
Aditional photos taken of the 2006 Baja Adventure.>> ( Click Here ) Thanks Kyle

  Drive shaft and water pump repairs. Before the trip even begins!

Ya they're in no rush to leave the dealership.

Airing down at the start of the 2006 manly man adventure.

Getting ready to head out Canyon El Alamo



Brian Downer and Son Russ in the Green Weenie.

Nick and DJ blazing a trail

Showing some flex from his SAS (solid axle swap)

Rick helping George through

Woody getting way off camber.

Steve and Jr. getting off camber

Steve plowing through the brush. Rick getting out of the way.

Downer's Jeep performing as it should.

Greg's Toyota having break line repairs by the master Toyota man.

Greg's Brake line gets torn off.

On our way again next stop Hacienda Santa Veronica

Baja Rock Crawling Baja Rock Crawling

Rest stop where we found a VERY stripped Land Rover

Red Dog and I get the Mikes Sky Rancho first.

Red Dog next to Red Dog

Typical resting spot for Mikes dog.

Another one of Mikes dogs that I hadn't seen before.

This raffle is rigged! :)

The grand prize in the raffle.

Heading out to the Observatory.

  Parque National road

Where Nicks truck decides to take a nap.

Trying to get the motor running.

figuring out that its the fuel pump.

Unable to get running we tow it to Meling's ranch

Woody chasing me down.

Hey Woody could you park any closer¿¿¿

Greg's Toyota being broken into by amateurs due to the keys being locked in.

One of many stream crossings.

Meling's ranch

The horse Nick was considering taking on the rest of the trip from Melings Ranch!.

A good source for bad gas!

On to the old mission near Catavina

Steve and Jr bring up the rear.

Just before the last leg heading down to the mission a beautiful view of the ocean.

Vaughn  and Son Kyle looking good!

Our fearless leader showing how easy it can be with a well put together truck.

Jerry enjoying 4X4 after drive shaft and water pump repairs.

Downer's wondering where the next bloody mary stop will be and why the trail is not more challenging.

Seems like we have been here before.

Hitching post for those who horse back into the mission.

Mission Santa Maria

Heading out through the swamp.

Jerry and Dan

This guy also bought gas from that same station.

So now we have 2 days worth of bad gas.

Downer educating the locals and bribing with gifts.

Woody and the gang deal with bad gas.

Woody with gas problems.

Woody with spring and leaking gas problems.

Rob Scouts ahead while repairs go on.

(Left to Right) George, Rick, Travis, Downer, Steve, Dick, Rob.

The Lost Beach on the pacific side.

Travis happy he found más cerveza

The lineup at CoCo's corner. A few beers and some T-shirts.

Cocos Corner

Gonzaga Bay

Jerry gets one of the local kids to give him a ride.

Dinner time.

Wow what a beautiful sun set.

At sun set at our Gonzaga Bay camp site.

The road to San Felipe.

We'll stay just short of San Felipe and stay at Tom's house in La Roca

Beautiful view of the ocean

Stopping for Bloody Marys on the way to San Felipe

Again? This boy should open up a traveling bar in the states.

Rick posing with a well traveled HJ75 Land Cruiser

John and the Germany Lady.

World Famous!

Toyota hubs??

Notice the gas can, it says it all.

Ahhh Back on the US side. :)

The 8 freeway heading home.