toyota extreme trail rigs rockcrawling

DAY-0  Rico---cracked a 3 day old windshield near Sacramento. Rod---loose strap on roof rack, in which Rod told me that it was tight and the luffing
in the wind was in the design of the infastructure of the roof rack hold down securement.   
DAY-1 Tecate to Mikes Sky Rancho  Dick---CB radio, crapped out. Rob---Got caught smuggling in fuel in non Mexico approved gas jugs. Downer---Lost the keys to his Jeep at the border crossing. Gary---Also tried smuggling fuel in the wrong gas can. Rico---Broke his steering stabilizer. Bill---Flat tire. Bill---Got strapped back on trail at Simpson Ranch. Tony---Developed a leaking steering knuckle.   
DAY-2 Mikes to San Felipe  Rob---Carburetor crapped out. John P.---Broke sunglasses.
DAY-3 San Felipe to Calamajue'  Montague---Flat tire. Matt---Lost some rear bumper bolts. Downer---Lost some front diff cover bolts. Jerry---Engine died, and was rescued by our HERO, Steve VATTER who towed us to the beach . Jerry--- Crack in windshield, from being towed to the beach. Gary Taylor over heated.
DAY-4 Calamajue' to Laguna San Ignacio Dick---Flat tire. Bill---Flat tire. Bill---Broke driveline disconnect. Greg---Air compressor broke. Rob---Carb. running rough, he told me that he was just adjusting it. Vatter---lost a terra flex bolt.
DAY-5 Laguna San Ignacio to San Ignacio Rod--- Got whale snot on his camera lens. Dick---Bad fuel pump wire. Dick---Flat tire.
DAY-6 San Ignacio to Cantavina Rob---Leaky heater hose. Tony---Lost front fender bolts. Dick---Crashed Reddog.
DAY-7 Cantavina to California.  EVERYONE---13 hours of driving!!!!!
DAY-8 Skipped due to Semi trying to join our group

Mikes Sky Rancho On the way to Mikes Sky Rancho

Always a perfect time for Bloody Marys

Brian thinking you better not touch my steak!

Our you'll feel my wrath!

Dick being dainty.

Quick grab Gregs tickets while he's sleeping

John recapping the breakage for the day.

Yes you too will be on "THE LIST"

Top side of Mikes Sky Rancho

Great place to bring the toys

Mike sells advertising space

The Toyotas out number the jeeps this year

Jerry making the water crossing

Rob drafting Gary getting ready for the pass

Brian handing off a Bloody Mary to Sean

Land rush start on the dry lake bed

A toast to Jimmy.

Just north of San Felipe

New strip mall

Jerry enjoying the view of San Felipe

Toms house in La Roca

Nice Fire place work

The sand high way

Margarita time

Our view from the house

Only in Mexico

And yes it truly was an OH SHIT DIP!

Brian takes a nap while eating


Locals getting water for the day


On to Gonzaga bay

Looks like it was a nice SUV

Lug pattern looks like a Land Rover

Transfer case

Gonzaga bay Gonzaga bay

Gonzaga bay

A little race on the beach

Trying to diagnose Jerrys ignition problem

We thought it might be an igniter problem

So we pack it with ice to cool it down

We decide to tow it to the next destination

Dick and Rob decide to see what his jeep would look like with much larger tires

Someone lost their carb.

Apparently it wasn't needed?

Our view for the night.

Coco and Rob lost brothers

No white fenders is famous

Brian and Coco

Rob and Coco again

Coco's corner from the out side

Coco says don't mess with Robs truck.

That is one HUGE flag

A complete whale skeleton greets you at Baja California Sur.

Well now glad we seen the sign to turn off

San Ignacio The town of San Ignacio

Road to Camp Kuyima

Kuyima Camp grounds

Kuyima Baja California Sur

We decide to take a boat out to see the whales

Brian bundled up for the trip

I swear I see one right there

Our boat driver

A friendly baby whale checks us out.

Thermosol Really neat hot water system

Thermosol Thermosol hot water heater

Steve's Jeep

Greg is such a happy camper even with an air pump shutting down on him

Dick got two flat tires so decides to fix the flats

Ahhh only good times

John finds a hammock

Steve gets some shut eye

Greg a little miffed that his compressor stopped again

Dicks 60th B-day

Isn't that cheating only having two candles

Dick trying out his new Sheep toy

Rick trying out Dicks new toy

Ok you guys are having TOO MUCH FUN with that sheep.

George laughing at one of Bill jokes

John and Jerry

Mike leave the poor thing alone!!

  Brian getting tea bagged by the sheep

One of several Federally check points

Exiting Baja California Sur

Shortly after the check point Dick tangles with a Semi

Yes he is OK!

Even the Semi takes a hard hit

Thanks to John for his profession EMT work!

Breakage stickers

Stay aways from this guy if he comes up behind you.

Everyone works together to get Dicks jeep out of Baja

A very professional job

The rip off tow company owner wanting money for just showing up. (We never called him!)

This is the bastards jeep!

Watch out for cows

Catavina We make it safe to Catavina

Dog tracking just a bit but towing nicely

We stop for some breakfast

Out of Lobster!!

More check points. They check out Ricks truck closely

The road from Ensenada to Rosarito

Finishing off the trip in Secondary. (AGAIN!)