Rock Garden gate keeper.

My crawler gear paid for once again.

Finally found a trail that's open.

Haven't these Jeep guys learned their lesson yet! Just kidding Lance.

Hey this looks like a fun rock

Why WHY! haven't I put on Jays bumper yet.

Ok I'm stuck!

Damn it hurry up I'm loosing consciousness.

Hey why are you pushing up on the bumper┐┐!!

Ok blood returning to rest of body.

New definition of a tow rig.

What happened am I alive?

Yep this side is safe for a jeep to go up.

RC hasn't learned his lesson and try's something worse.

Axle Grind

I used to do this on my skate board.

We'll maybe not this much.

Ok this is getting interesting.

RJ stand on the low side so if I roll I get you too. hehe..

Little more traction now.

And up.

and over.

Time for RJ to try.

Hey that was fun.

Coming down the interesting side.

Hey why is there so much oil on this rock?

Any one got a highlift if I get stuck?


Got Trail Toy?

Bronco trying the Toyota route.

Bronco backing away from the Toyota route.

I see Carma got the best of them. For not calling me to join their run. (spare tire)

Bring your camp site with you! this looks like a good place to set up camp. Just dump over the trailer.

Bling Bling bead locks on every corner and spare.

I wonder if there is a market for rocks that can get all 4 wheels off the ground at once.

Getting out of that sticky situation.

Ok that's pretty good flex.

Learned this on Monster Trucks. Double low acrossed the river without a driver.

Damn impatient j(bleepers)