toyota extreme trail rigs rockcrawling


Starting off on Doran Loop

RJ in one of the many mine shafts

Coming up to the good stuff

The Gate Keeper of sorts

Victor Valley 4wheelers

Crazy V-Crack

RJ shows the height to get up the crack

Jay leading the way

Al showing how its done

Rob on the crack

Rear bumper doing its job

Good spotting

From 3 people

Brought me through clean

WT Hell is that¿¿¿!!!!

This thing is a monster!

RJ doing the crack

Bumper paying for itself once more

Airing down to 3psi is helping

Ohhh OHHH!! I wasn't spotting!!

Mighty man Al pulling the truck back up

Ya I can smooth this dent out here.

What happened to RJ??

The search party goes out

off to Odessa

Shoot is this right?

It says keep out but did he come this way?

No Snootig? what the hell is that?

Heading back home