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Thanks to for hosting the event. John did an awesome job making sure everyone got through safe.

The road trip out to the trail.

Trail head.

Engine check before heading out.

Robs truck checking out the view

Courtright dam

Rob and Andrew stake out a camp spot.

The Slab

Jay coming up the slab.

Gabe coming up next.

Jay after trying to park on a rock on the slab.

Robs truck giving Jays truggy a hug.

Louie in the full size.

Rob, Kent, and 4runner John

Quite the line up.

I don't think his wheels are supposed to point in like that.

Kent shows off his trail damage.


Kent's turn to lead.

Gabe leading the way.

And clears it!!!

Louis drive shaft a little pretzeled after the rock fun.

well maybe a LOT pretzeled.

John showing off the catch of the day.

Coming into Ershim lake.

We meet up with Jason after a Birf explodes on him.

Narrowed front and linked back. Awesome job Jason.

our camp site.

Kent sporting kewl stickers.

Nathan leading the way out.

Jay from

The rest prerunnin' in.

Rig line up.

Jason a little late for the party.

At the top of the world!

John takes an interesting line and rolls.

 Andrew hooks up the winch cable to pull the truck back over.

Louies drive shaft finally gives way.

Jays truck makes it after the nasty roll over.

Eric clears a nasty trail with 31s and IFS!!

Test driving Jays Rig at the end of the trail. Maybe we can pay him 20 bux to drive it home without a windshield.