At the turn off.

Yes I donated to the Mexican Red Cross

RJ where are you! Nextel SUCKS

Waiting for the slow pokes in front

Someone else with time on their hands

Solid Axle Tundra

Crashing Rocks.

The slightly modified stockers in front

Stack'n rocks so we have a smooth path

IFS truck.

Its more interesting without a front locker

Its more interesting without a driveshaft

What a monster to spot

Dodging rocks.

Good thing Joe is tall I can still see his finger tips.


Dude how'd you get this in here?

Joe avoids door damage by not using them. :o)

Another valve stem claimed

Shackles flexed out.

Hey they work for cheap.

You did not just touch that rock!!

Hey! I still have tail lights..

The rescue team.