toyota extreme trail rigs rockcrawling


Start of Jackhammer

F350 rockcrawler shows up.

F350 with rear stear

Suzi the rock dog Suzi the rock dog putting the truck in crawler mode.

Suzi the rock dog

Rob going up the gate keeper to Jack Hammer

Dee just amazed at what we just crawled

Couple hours later we are still at the start of the Jackhammer trail head

Scott from looking for some action.

Not too many Range Rovers on the Hammer Trails.

JD looking for the right line.

trying to avoid a roll over like last time.

Getting really off camber now.

Dave giving a little help on keeping the tires planted.

Rob takes the opertunity to wheel JD's rig the rest of the way.

Not being able to avoid the wall we decide it was best to winch the rest of the way.

Rob peaks out only to see more rock wall!

Rob glad to see flat ground.

Pictures never do justice

Nearly 3 hours later and we are still at the start of the trail.

Suzuki Samurai tries the really tough line but decides to take the bypass.

Long wheelbase jeep tries next only to take the bypass also.

Tired of waiting we decide to run the Clawhammer trail instead.

Dave telling the newbies on the trail wild stories

Cody having a blast and spotting his Dad into rocks.

Aren't those half doors brand new!!

JD flexing through.

Cody taking off in Daves 4runner

Scott having a blast!!

Dee still in amazement!

Sooo Ummm is your driveshaft supposed to look like that?

Hmmm American made driveshaft on a Jap truck??

But I wasn't doing anything....

Ouch... Exhaust hot!! Me no like...

Soo why can't we drive back in front wheel drive?

Ohhh you broke a front axle too??

Yes Dave we know it was YOU!

Rob glad it wasn't him. :)

Dee decides to take the wheel.

Ummmm No caption needed....

back at camp we take it a part.

Only to find the insides all busted out.

The Nowhitefenders crew!!

Rob still glad it wasn't him that broke.

Erin and Suzi at camp trading trail stories.

What the heck! Triple stacked tire??

How the heck do you do that?

We head out to check out the night action

Suzuki picking a bad line leaving the show.

After setting him back up right it was time to call it a night.