Trail toys Prerunners rockcrawling

FYI! Los Coyotes is NOT open to the public and probably never will be. Sorry!

Suzi the rock dog Why do I have to rebuild the knuckle before the run?

group meeting

The trails are really washed out for lack of use.

Scott flexes through without an issue.

Old school Los Coyotes shot.

PJ setting up the chain saw

Lots of fallen tree from the bark beetles.

On El Hill Rob decides to get up close and personal with the Red Rover.

Hmmmm... Little too close I guess.

Wyatt breaks both front axles.

And nearly tumbles down the hill.

Scott also has some carnage with his new link arms.

YA UMMM I don't think the pinion is supposed to point straight up.

The drive shaft didn't like it either.

Top things off the tire pops a bead.

20 bucks if you eat it!

Drews Rubicon tackels nearly everything with ease.

Sticky tires?

I think we took a wrong turn.

Ok this one errr three is going to take a while.

End to a good day. Good to wheel Los Coyotes again.